combat war famres, honor or cheerd ,Markets. other hacking tools of the day

combat can have mainly reson with fighting for freedom, chose . procet, reavge, warth or just thraille of a fight.

hand to hand is old formal of fighting us it find you opasionse weckness in mis of combat is ezy but don’t over eastmint that

simlterd go back even forlong time like chess or  chinasses-go or plane simlter like back in the 50’s and 60’s when thay start on

or like some simler to what going on nower days fighter games as exmple form the old peney acred form the 70 and 80’s

or shoters back then.  have inrasting effect on the mind  help shearpin dill minds or make meachial in all meathmics  notes paterions

alterd stilys can supse people

other be old shock and aww camps. Is like some bluzchegy that hit england what we did to korea with  rock music in vetmon and south korea, or in 1992 campon into irecan and in 2003.

bio war that had happin in many way like belackets form spain have few nasty desise soem cases abut got over ran out in the end ok bug in space now thare be lot more oegioms to bug us now and space bug mostly my pop up more.

here some of old bug remind me of 1919 inedt for the black plaga sorting back into the us at the time when war vet about come hoem form wrold war 1.

cyber warfare been aruond case the 60’s didn’t realy spark up untill the late 70’s and 80’s when comupoer starting bcoem more pubic–politics.html

us cyber war famer sencser us people comup[er to fight this war testing it on own people hackers and progarmer had this war for long time. even are own shadow govmint has been bisy hacking people  cridti cards resonly with things us it as a test .

Honor of proceting some you care like this childern some can real lot wiser then adlisces can be in most cases of thay reson on the right footing.thare allway exsopoion in this role as well

creed is like otno like promics that thay keep proceted with ones life, offen can be missused or aboues, like how some towns back then locked down danicing in towns fully but who kowns this one in the 60’s for some.o abouse of it be proceting big corpshons form texs some times by govmint.

other case be animels to wich this

I don’t cunder this case even if trying help in good way.procet ive chuond help people make soem older meds but not aboused has it been we made of ivery as well baer that to heart oner my monther or tifeather this litle over but to help stop this war we make thay taking up arm to percet thare own sonvertey as conertey for its own people. when will us people clean huse on some things.

can go this ay as well trying regain freedoms

hare some silly queshions what medals asurbs radioactive mostly gold sviler,led plasdem.?

greeed can little or mager in kown it ways–finance.html. good or bad everne hare thre own reso n for using stuff.wecknes or  for pain. sorry if suond little bit of fearmonger over bit coin figer make the simple point on some greed out thare goldmansacks be oen biger ones how much people geting hit by this a muchliving with kowning this water my be in the coust be mager radioactive takign inthe body going pill up hare over naxt few yrs.

you kidding me this what call medoit reblases those guyspay by us taxpayer and the russina tax payers  s well.

infmsion warfare saling you out make errer mass and flase taxshon spy on you movbel phone games  using youtube veiw keep track of people. cyber pertal for us that coming by think people what your 401 k get taked .  nsa of the day good spot keep track miss beaving nsa or other govmitn enterys


hare some feincse ternds trust in bissins even part tiem can help you on the feincses this ware kown finds are linked at trader tools has pasbely buyer be adwaer is it worth it  let you deisde what pick for the time.

hacker thots of the day sky box more like hack boxing your perosnal date

didn’t talk about them hacking the people comupoer coming up more and more  hum rethinking e mail humm skpya vedio phones.

just other cerdit card

thotins or thinking for oens safe

hare good passbely billgates does have some picks in this range,0,2424935.story#axzz2rfpIs3cA

other tihng with fb again bloody phone perosly just smash those tihng to be free little quiz of thotsonthis queshions’

read for your safe and deside then

o nsa again

didn’t i talk this before ones  humm

this call basicly bad cusmer savierics

some prograrm like drink ltitle bit

seen what to come

hare a bit of fincse trailed aruond in greeces again

think for you safe check into the info your be share ware get infoi  make you  thin kittle bit if have us figeroft saying of 2by 4 on drop your foot to think or good slap in back the head to think for your safe.

~signed Kites aka Kate


just hacker thot of the day

hackers on thare say off nots some things hum hack thme aweck them up make the them act  make thing about thare life in new way  keep thinking into the sun sets? my little queit thot for today. on to some new articals

looks a few is burning in candra see today hare s exmple

thinkking are  animel friends hehe

o looks hierlly in painty couertal the wrold mommets. what a raging scorpath.think the time point that out with this

more can be fuond at

i kown wired is drapa morth piece some times but crowed funding just lazy way  of snecking casho welloion

looks china geting rid last of its dollers

specking of china thare great fire wall got hacked

o ya fsa kind of stick cnn again but we  kown fsa is can be oped by CIA

i kon wired has few good drapa people and bad ones as well hare good person.

this what i call traler hacking keep crashing

i do feel for people in egpit right with bombings going on

exmple as this

other chinal in googles armor what pain asss thay area ive area data to cia

think friend of o bugger have links into this

looks levo is get most leids

~as some silllconsy THIIIS  SILLLLCONNNY VILLY LIVE WITH SMALLL SWAG  YOU NOOB CEO  . sorry  little mellow drma haha

hare the artical

30 min hack lol

hum 6 progarmings thots being pushed

here add  on to china fire wall elyer in this list  nsa and google.after china agian

of fashion juckery thay push this stuff

old mac happy brithday to you happy brithday to you vid little genly

this remind of job i seen before hhaha google cab coming to get you today

harel ittle update on euro’s firewall looks it burning down reail fast only hiting actoifist for now

looks few bubbles area happing

keep google out my bits coins

ravge its blow back pay back bich

music looks people geitng free of copsion by online  music

looks some hot seats in eu my be starting up good for them hehe

who is suger daddy of this battery hhaha

differt inaction realy nice now then

happy brithdy mac

bank runs run you litlte sheeps

feel like drapa love dumping more

this not are big friend altis but he feiled big time at reobics showing test

i LOVE a good rant

looks two face is havign his fun evne if he what try take it off sgertal one drug listing simple nomrod.

hacker can ok some ommets i got slap them for this one

this point out i’m waching we don’t care in this is some do about them thorw out on thare head for now

k this only the pubic ones i guess but water is daddy bishly boy 10 tilloon a yr at on this listing evne thay have shilla in what in thare.

this is some hare  I can back in all as a hacker

do i have keeepwhiplashing abotu gooogle ass about thare thongs thay keep waving all over the place~ facepames sigh those paves at google

looks o bugger is doing hang out soon try butter u the people just stayo ut tihs bugg smash with flysawter in this case

ya right is seen thare lot faster way then this shinagins agian if don’t get at let 120 frams mil sec that one fastist time but this just no

this one i kind seen coming i naver realy condon this vloines on some of tech comuopeys

this i kind of seen coming a long with things

this is solical exmpiert i can conal partly if both party ware willing to try this only this case.the tech is ok this case. make people think what other side put up with every day.

curecher shock hehe

View story at

some ecmomices

looks mister two face at it again simple fix for this TAKE IT OFF SHAGEL DRUGLISTINGS MISTAR TWO FACE

let hacker with in you pull out to day. hack you mind think this out side the box  of the wrold go act of be with people you love think little today be your safe turely. live let live piece people