thots and post

japan looking lost lot today.–w–bush-wearing-socks-with-his-face-on-them-210516745.html

~hides those skery socks out thare..

riad up to his duirty dills and o bugger cure

this wack up call for cops plase. ty gym

bit coins update but i figer partly feared mongerd chianed bit much with dertiftts. and paymints, lightcoins

evil google at it again.

open sorceing

thay starting to wire up africa fight for africa just started , us , china, francse ,england wich try get it the hole

age’s how the age and genomenos. thot people plase?

more diverless cars julis in joy

old and new tech of stuff.

o bugger his stuff


drawing thots

thinker think thots thots

date taboo tatoos

don’t us fb chat ware you are at. think little. unless using actistiom


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